About Little Lamb Organic Clothing


Little Lamb Organic Clothing was born in the summer of 2014. As a full time Mummy of Oscar – my gorgeous two year old son. I wanted to find a way to work on something that I was passionate about whilst ensuring it could fit in with our lifestyle.  


My main passion in life before Oscar came along were my horses. I worked hard to train horses and sell them on to buyers, but when Oscar was born I realised that there was a huge calling for natural, good quality products. Like all mothers, I have always wanted the best for my baby. I have always wanted my family to eat the most nutritious food which comes from a sustainable source (not always to my husband’s liking!) and is chemical free. I wanted to ensure that Oscar was comfortable, happy and safe, and I therefore looked for quality clothing made from natural and organic fibres, and indeed toys and baby accessories which are safe.


My realisation that children’s clothing and accessories was something I wanted to explore further came to light after I was bought some lovely organic clothing as a present from a friend. Previously, I had always bought clothing that ‘did the job’, as I was fully aware that Oscar would probably dirty it within minutes, and no doubt grow out of it within weeks! However I was surprised that the clothes served us so well. They lasted wash after wash (and we are outdoors people so they were certainly put to the test!) and when outgrown there was still life in them for another child. I knew then that I had found a market that not only was I genuinely interested in, but that it would enable me to sell a quality product. My philosophy is simple: If it’s not good enough for Oscar, it’s not good enough for anyone else’s child either.


Organic clothing has so many benefits that the list is truly endless. Put simply, the lack of chemicals and the natural goodness within the clothing material means that I am more than happy to put them onto my baby’s delicate skin.  

The more I looked into organic clothing the more I wish I had known about it when Oscar was born. His eczema improved, his skin felt softer, and he looked great too!!!


Thankfully, the majority of companies that manufacture organic clothing have similar principles to me – the desire to provide good quality clothing which is good for the environment and fair to the producers. Not only do most companies ensure that their farmers earn an appropriate wage, but they also ensure that the cost is reduced as there is no need for them to purchase chemicals such as Aldicarb, which I was alarmed to find out can be lethal, whilst others can cause birth defects and sickness. My research also taught me that cotton is one of the world’s dirtiest crops. It uses twenty five percent of the world insecticides and ten percent of the world’s pesticides, according to the Soil Association and the Organic Trade Association. The chemicals can contaminate groundwater, harm biodiversity and effect soil fertility. Organic farming restores nutrients to the ground and does not contaminate groundwater. It can also help other plants and animals to thrive.


My vision is to ensure Organic clothing is available for everyone – I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to! My website showcases lots of high quality, beautifully crafted Organic clothing, which are all certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard, as well as accessories and even eco-friendly laundry detergents. I hope you enjoy shopping for these gorgeous clothes, as much as your little one enjoys wearing them!



Catherine (and Oscar x)